The Little Things!

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Hi! I’m Katy!

& I’m Shanece
& we’re The Little Things!

We’re an acoustic ukulele duo based out of the lovely Crescent City :)


I grew up in Stuart, FL where I was born. Both of my parents were musicians my entire life! Thats what they did for a living to support my brother and I. This was a huge inspiration to me, seeing two people actually do what they love for a living; it gave me the confidence I have today with my music. My parents have been successful, working musicians together for almost 20 years now which is truly amazing. I found the ukulele in May 2010. My friend and I were sitting in her room attempting to play the guitar and we thought that there were just too many strings for our little hands so we decided on playing ukulele instead. That’s where the uke phenomenon started. Over the next 2 years, I started two ukulele groups. We played shows around Florida at the time. We even started to gain a following but as it goes, life happens and things came up and so they ended. In 2012 after being in New Orleans for a year, Shanece and I started our own duo. We tried our luck at street performing around the French Quarter and it only grew from there!

Hello, I’m Shanece! I was born & raised in Trinidad & Tobago. I lived there for ten years before moving to the United States. My life in Trinidad was very simple, I grew up in a traditional family the country side without things like running water or electricity, but I always had big dreams.  When I was 10, I moved to the United States with my mother. I was placed in a piano class in the 7th grade in New York and fell in love with music & wanted to learn more about it. The next year, my family moved to Florida and I was placed in a band class where I was put in percussion because I didn’t know how to play anything else. This is where my love for music truly started. I fell in love with the language of it – how different it was, how great it made me feel. Once I got into high school, my thirst to understand music was insatiable! At this point, I had chosen to be a percussionist. I wanted nothing more than to be on the drumline. I didn’t make the drumline until my junior year and I couldn’t have been happier. I played quads in our marching band and I finally felt a sense of belonging, like this is what I was meant to do. My band director in high school, Michael Bearden, is probably the single most influential person to my musical career. He taught me so much as a musician and as a person. After I graduated high school, I absolutely knew that I wanted to be a professional musician. I joined my first band right out of high school at 18 playing drums and back up singing, after that band ended, Katy taught me how to play ukulele & here we are!


We met in Port St. Lucie, Florida for Halloween of 2010. There was this ice cream shop called Sixty Sundaes that hosted an open mic on Thursdays. This was the popular spot for local musicians to perform at because it was really one of the few places that accepted any and all types of music. They were having a Halloween show which both of our bands were booked to play at. That night changed our lives both musically and personally forever. We were introduced through a mutual friend and from then on we became inseparable!


In 2012, we became very good friends with our room mate right now. We had all met in FL. Things weren’t looking so great for us there. We had been absorbed with work and our music took the back burner so naturally, we gradually felt an emptiness. The town that we were living in was a very small town and we knew that if we wanted to become anything we would have to move to a place where we were more accepted as a couple and where our music could become our priority. Our room mate had lived in New Orleans previously so he was very familiar with this gorgeous city and he had been thinking about moving back. One random week, the three of us took a trip to New Orleans and naturally we fell in love with it. The culture of this city was unlike any other. People could be whoever they wanted to be and there was no judgement, there was just support and love. It didn’t take much convincing for us. We returned to Port St. Lucie that week and packed our things and a week later, we were in the Crescent City.


It’s actually sort of funny how things worked out here for us. The first year that we were here, we spent our time exploring the city. We got to know the culture a little bit more. We did things like learn how to pronuonce all the street names correctly and checking out other musicians here. We were introduced to performing here through street performers. It just so happened that one of the first few people we met while living here was a street magician and that introduced us to the world of street performing. From then on, our street performing friends just grew in numbers. All the while we had been singing to ourselves and maybe a few friends but we were shy; we felt really intimidated by the other musicians. Our friends bugged so much to go out and start singing until one day we finally did. It was the single most inspirational moment to us as a duo. People loved us. They loved our sound, they loved our look and they loved that we were street performing. It proved to be extremely successful for us and we couldn’t get enough of it but there comes a day where you want to expand a little more. We’ve learnt so much from street performing and from this city and we want to share that with the world if we can! This was just the first step on our journey to become inspirational for musicians like us around the world.


We’re trying to take the next BIG step in our musical career!!

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