Whoa-Ga! Horseback Yoga

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BOOK COVERWhoa-Ga! is seeking $6,000 to produce a thirty minute horseback yoga video. You are invited to be part of a new program that teaches horseback riding skills off the horse – in your living room – to anyone with or without a horse. Whoa-Ga! uses yoga to teach horseback riding, so your lesson begins while you are watching the video sitting on a yoga ball, in the comfort of your home.

Whoa-Ga! the book was published in 2007 and it’s author, Cathy Reynolds, has been holding clinics and lectures ever since. The Horseback Yoga method teaches riding in mounted and dismounted lessons using yoga asanas on the ball to help riders develop muscle memory for riding. It takes about 500 repetitions for a thought process to become a reflex; why not develop those skills before you ride? Whoa-Ga! works the way a flight simulator trains pilots – in a safe place until we master our own contribution.

First, proper equitation and horse-rider biomechanics are explained during the dismounted lesson, then we show how the new skills are applied on the horse in the mounted lesson. The program is based on Iyengar yoga and Centered Riding.

Many people would like to ride but don’t have time to ride or access to riding horses on a regular basis. Additionally, many would be riders have had bad experiences because they tried to learn their position and control the horse at the same time, without having the basic core strength and balance needed to stay on. This program will give them the practice time they need to develop the strength, balance and stretch required to ride before they get on the horse.

Even on a professional level imbalance is obvious. Forward seat disciplines exemplify this with size: in equestrian jumping, horses have gotten bigger and bigger – draft horses such as Clydesdales are being trained and bred to jump; whereas in racing – where the breed of the horse is regulated, riders have gotten smaller and smaller. Maximum jockey weight is about 122lbs! There are obviously balance issues. Whoa-Ga! gives professional equestrians an opportunity to practice proper balance off the horse to correct unwanted habits without interfering with the horse’s progress in training.

Please contribute to this novel approach to equestrian-ship. Additional funds will be used to improve the quality and length of the video. Our goal is to make riding as easy and safe as it can be. Thank you!


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